Happy Thanksgiving!

Are visions of sugarplums already dancing in your head?   We haven’t celebrated “Turkey Day” yet, but Christmas arrives early, doesn’t it!?    Tis the season to gather together with family and friends ~ those who love you and whom you love. Tis the season for expressing gratitude to God for all of His provisions.  It is so good to give thanks!


“Now thank we all our God, with hearts and hands and voices!”


Officers, Soldiers, and friends of our Army are in the throes of Christmas preparations.  Thank goodness for the reminder to give thanks in the middle of all this busy-ness!  Will you pray that Thanksgiving’s interruption will be a time for reflection and renewal for us all?   Everyone needs  it!

God may want to bless you in a brand new way this Thanksgiving.  He is full of surprises!  In recent months I have been God-surprised by street people.  The homeless. It is startling and beautiful to see the glory of God in the eyes of His children who are weather worn and beaten down by life, but lifted up by God’s Holy Spirit!   It is a revelation.  And revelation is God’s specialty.   Ask Him to surprise you and see what happens.   You will be surprised by joy in the people around you.

Perhaps someone reading this needs a personal revelation.   Discouraged? Faithless?  Self-absorbed?   Cantankerous?  Anxious?  Lonely?  Bitter?  Depressed?  Fearful?  Overwhelmed?  Lonely?  Distraught?  Unhappy?   Well then, try this antidote:  Practice recognizing God.

Ask Him to help you see Him in others, in your circumstances, and where you cannot see, to trust.    You will begin to find yourself in alert expectancy.   You will begin to see opportunities to bless someone else with God’s love.   And suddenly you will recognize that God has provided.   He is so faithful.   That’s a promise.

Your love, God, is my song, and I’ll sing it!

I’m forever telling everyone how faithful you are.  I’ll never quit telling the story of your love.”

Psalm 89 The Message

Questions for your Quiet Time
1. Are you  Discouraged? Faithless?  Self-absorbed?   Cantankerous?  Anxious?  Lonely?  Bitter?  Depressed?  Fearful?  Overwhelmed?  Lonely?  Distraught?  Unhappy? If you feel you fit one of these descriptions, pause for a moment, take time to understand why you feel this way. If you have the opportunity, journal your thoughts.

2. Read out loud and write down the Scripture above. Look it up in different versions to help you make these words your own.

3.  Try this antidote:  Practice recognizing God. Be willing to acknowledge Him in every aspect of your life. Pray for God to reveal Himself in the days to come, especially as you anticipate Thanksgiving day.

Written By: Lt. Colonel Martha Jewett, Florida Director of Women’s Ministries


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