Misplaced Buttons

Several months ago I found a button in the bottom of the washing machine while doing laundry.  I was busy preparing for our next road trip and really did not have time to deal with the misplaced button at that moment.    Knowing that I would eventually need the button, I placed it inside a plastic container in my laundry room with the good intention of sewing it back on my blouse as soon as I returned from my travels. Well, I’m sure you know where good intentions lead us!

The button brought back fond memories for me as I pulled it from the bottom of the washer.  As a child we had an old cookie tin filled with buttons; every type of button imaginable.  The button tin provided hours of entertainment for me on rainy days.  Sifting through the button tin was like going on a treasure hunt. I always loved finding the decorative, ornate buttons; particularly the ones with diamonds.

In recent days I found myself again in a whirlwind of activity as I was preparing my home for guests.   As I pulled a food storage container from the shelf in the wash room, much to my surprise, I found the button tucked away inside!  I had been so busy that I had totally forgotten about that button.

The button reminded me of how easy it can be to tuck away personal or spiritual issues in our lives that we feel we don’t have the time or emotional energy to deal with at that moment.  And, if we were honest with ourselves, sometimes we might even keep ourselves busy to avoid dealing with some of our personal or spiritual issues. But, like the button, they always have a way of resurfacing at the most inappropriate moments.

Is it time for you to slow down a bit and took care of those buttons that keep popping up when least expected?

I love the quote, “Look around you and be distressed, look within you and be depressed, look to Jesus and be at rest.”  Rest for your soul will come when you…

“Cast the whole of your care (all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all) on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.”    I Peter 5:7 AMP

Written by: Major Susie Erickson, Assistant Secretary of Women’s Ministries


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