Women’s Ministries Retreat – Devotional #6

When I was a freshman in college, a thrilling “first letter from home” was sitting in my campus mailbox awaiting my enthusiastic response. It was obvious that Mama had addressed it, but Daddy had scribbled B SSYP in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope.

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out its meaning. Out of curiosity and probably homesickness, I immediately called home. I remember part of our conversation as if it were yesterday:

“Daddy, what is B SSYP?”

“Sugar, it is what I’ve told you all your life. Be Sweet and Say Your Prayers.”

For many years, Daddy never missed leaving his mark on each letter or package that my Mama carefully and lovingly addressed. B SSYP survived graduation from college, graduate school, marriage, and now our first baby!

My unique tribute to Mama and Daddy is a perpetual Virginia license tag with B SSYP on it. The look on my parents’ faces when I drove home for the first time donning my “tribute tags” was priceless. God only knows how many people have inquired about its meaning over the years.

I’ve never tired of sharing this tribute about my special parents, Bo and Maxine Bowman. I taught school almost ten years and an old license plate always adorned my classroom. The students in­quired about it without fail and were given a little extra credit when they sought out its meaning and told me the next day. They loved it.

Imagine my joy in giving my parents an autographed copy of Dennis Rainey’s book The Tribute (Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, Tennessee, 1994) in which a letter from me, about them, was published!

This B SSYP tradition has already been passed on to our daughter as a tribute from her special, special grandparents, my Mama and Daddy, and now to you…Sweet Monday Sisters!




The Sweet Monday devotional is written by Kim Newlen, Founder and President  www.SweetMonday.org We are blessed to have Kim Newlen as one of guests for our upcoming Women’s Ministries Retreat April 20-22, 2012.  We will be highlighted devotionals from our guests from now until the retreat.  Tomorrow we start our 30 Day Challenge with Pam Farrel!


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